Bath Youth Meetinghouse & Skatepark

The Park  is the LARGEST indoor skatepark in Maine offering more than 6,000 square feet for skateboarding, inline skates, BMX bikes* and scooters.

What You’ll Find at The Park

Obstacles include a Jersey barrier positioned between six-foot quarter pipes, a four-foot quarter pipe, half pyramid and wall rides, as well as a plaza with a euro-gap, hubba ledge and hand rails.

Make it Yours

Scooterers, bikers & skaters will be pleased to find movable boxes, rails and kickers to customize their own setup. With plenty of space left, you can only expect more gnarly ledges, boxes and ramps in the future.

An additional 1,500 square feet of transition

We have completed a Skatepark Expansion project consisting of a six-foot half pipe and a four foot mini with a spine, along with a rolling hump for a little more flow!

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Bath Skate Park, 4 Old Brunswick Road, Bath, Maine 04530
Phone (207) 443-8750

Skate & Scooter Sessions
Monday – Old Man Skate Only
Tuesday – Thursday 2pm – 7pm
Friday 2pm – 9pm
Saturday 11am – 1pm  Half Pipes for Half Pints
Saturday 12pm – 9pm
Sunday – 12-6 (starting 12/11/2016)

Bike Sessions*
Tuesday 4pm – 7pm 
Wednesday 2pm-5pm 
Thursday 4pm – 7pm 
Friday 2pm – 9pm 
Saturday 6pm – 9pm

*All Bike Sessions are open to Bike & Skate

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