Briggs Advertising, Inc.

Briggs Advertising, Inc.
Business: Briggs Advertising, Inc.
Short Description: zealous brand nurturing for hire
Long Description:

Yes, we design websites, brochures, print, produce radio, tv, training videos, events, create trade show booths, POP, strategic marketing plans, and anything else our clients need, but…

At the heart of it all, we want to partner with organizations that value their brands, want help making them better, and believe in the power of great design.

So, it’s

zealous, because we’re passionate about what we do
brand, because it’s at the heart of all great work
nurturing, because it’s emotional and ongoing
and for hire, because we’re good a what we do and expect to be paid fairly.

Website Address: Briggs Advertising
Phone Number: 2074432067
Contact Name: Walter Briggs
Address 1: 199 Water St
City/Town: Bath
State: ME
Zip: 04530
Hours: M-F, 9-5
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