Friends of the Zorach Fountain

Friends of the Zorach Fountain
Friends of the Zorach Fountain
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Friends of the Zorach Fountain is dedicated to preserving, renewing and interpreting Spirit of the Sea, the iconic sculptural fountain created by internationally renowned local artist William Zorach (1887-1966). The work was a gift from the artist to the City of Bath, meant for the pleasure and enrichment of its residents and all who visit this Maine landmark.
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Among Bath’s most beloved landmarks is an exquisite fountain designed by modern classicist sculptor William Zorach (1887-1966). The world-renowned artist summered in neighboring Georgetown beginning in the 1920s, and Maine was his year-round home for decades. The fountain, known as Spirit of the Sea, was commissioned by community-minded members of the Bath Garden Club in 1959 and is situated in a picturesque corner of City Park (also known as “Library Park”).

Since 2002, Friends of the Zorach Fountain, a not-for-profit organization, has taken on the role of steward, overseeing regular maintenance of the sculpture and pond, and raising funds, as needed, for their repair and restoration. The group also organizes programs for the public, including lectures and exhibitions, to shed further light on sculpture, public art, and the art of the Zorach family.

In late 2014 the Friends launched a campaign focusing on the environment around the sculpture. Its goal is to preserve and enhance the fountain through major improvements to pond depth, edging and drainage, and to add landscaping and seating that will help to showcase the work in a manner commensurate with its artistic value.

Mark H.C. Bessire, Director of the Portland Museum of Art, has written, “This grand modernist outdoor sculpture is a living work of art that projects the glories of the past and the opportunities art presents for the future. It is the quintessential public work that expresses the impact of Maine on our national cultural identity.”

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Linda T. Wood
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P.O. Box 846
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