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Markings Gallery

Markings Gallery
Markings Gallery
All Maine art – clay, metals, wood, glasss, fiber and more!

Markings Gallery is an gallery owned and operated by Maine artists. Artist partners include Nan Kilbourn-Tara, clay, Judith Barker, metals- jewelry, Natasha Kempers-Cullen, mixed media, Nanne Kennedy, fiber, and Ann Prescott, wood. An exciting resource for midcoast Maine and beyond, offering The Maine Blanket woven with lovely woolen threads from Maine sheep, terra cotta steamers to cook fresh garden vegetables, intricate clay wall reliefs, colorful mixed media wall pieces,bowls and platters actually turned from local trees, and sculptural pearl earrings to remind you of your Maine vacation! Work by other artists from throughout the state is also being showcased…handblown glass, small wooden furniture elements,unique encaustics, paintings by local artists, theatrical felted sculptures…and more! Our thought is to show you Art as in life you can wear it and incorporate it in your living environment, making even the smallest moments in your day pleasing.

judith barker
50 front Street
Fri-Mon 10AM-5PM

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