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J’adore Consignment, Becky Welsh, owner. 190 Front Street  J’adore Facebook

When did you begin the enterprise? J’adore opened in July of 2014

Why? My daughter and I have always wanted to have our own shop and one day I decided that I was just going to take the leap. I told my husband that I had inquired about a few retail spaces for rent and his response was “oh that’s good” I think he was not thinking it would go far . I e-mail stalked Jane Morse for two months before she was convinced that I knew what I was doing, and many times after my opening she would swing in to say how happy she was to have me here, which was a huge compliment coming from such a business-driven lady .

What do you offer? J’adore offers a variety of quality items ranging from adult clothing to shabby chic furniture .

Why do you love Bath? I love Bath because of the loyalty that we as small business owners get from our customers and the constant support from Main Street Bath . The focus of economic stability and community pride is greatly achieved through Main Street Baths organization and the business benefit from it immensely.

What do you look forward to in the coming year? We look forward to seeing what will come through the door from one day to the next . It is always a treat to receive such great treasures to display and sell in our store.

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