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When did you begin the enterprise? (and where if not Bath)

Markings was founded in 2010 in its location at 50 Front Street in Bath. Founding artists Nan Kilbourn- Tara and Judith Barker had been practicing /working artists, in clay and metal respectively, since the 70s.

Why? Bath has energy about it that we found quite exciting and a vibrant main street with an interesting mix of businesses. We felt our gallery would complement the existing businesses and add an important element…showplace for the vast talent of Maine artisans.

What do you offer? We offer unique fine artwork in 3 dimensions created by Maine artisans. As each year passes we see we are strongest in being a showplace for the truly unusual….tiled panels, one of a kind jewelry, fantastic felted and woven clothing, and sculptures in many media. All the artisans are Maine artists…presently about 60 are represented through us. Being in the arts, we understand the importance of having artwork interwoven in one’s daily life. ..Our goal is to present art to wear and live with!

Why do you love Bath? The character of the main street and its surrounds is so appealing to people wanting to visit Maine and experience our way of life! We felt also that the business environment and the support systems through the town are strong and encourage business success.

What might surprise someone about you or your business? gallery is fresh and an exploration! Our fiber artists get more and more innovated with unusual thoughts in wearables . New carved seashore birds will be appearing. Sculptures of felted elements and found objects combined with the elegance of gold leafing as well as gold and silver adornments will be pleasant treasure to discover. Truly the amazing element is to see what the creative mind does and presents!

What excites you about the coming year?

Each year is new for us as the work we receive from our artists has never existed so each visit to the Gallery is an adventure! Often there are artists in the gallery to present their pieces to the public! The fun of interacting with the actual maker is always intriquing. This opportunity allows the public a peek into the mind of our talented artists and a chance to understand the techniques and process of creating the work.

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