When did you begin the enterprise? (and where if not Bath) 

Over the Moon just opened in early November of this year. Sierra and I both worked in the shop that was previously in this space. Our shop is similar in its mission to fit women of all sizes and shapes in wonderful bras and lingerie. We have established great relationships with women in the midcoast area and look forward to continuing to work with established customers and new ones.

What do you offer? Over the Moon offers professional bra-fitting services. In addition to a wide assortment of bras of all sizes, we offer lingerie, shape wear, loungewear, handbags, natural skin care and perfumes and other items of interest for women.

Why do you love Bath?  We love Bath because of the variety of people we are in contact with each day, the beautiful environment, the other merchants who are so supportive of one another and the strong community spirit that represents what Bath is all about.

What might surprise someone about you or your business?

Women are often surprised to find out what our size range is for bras. We have bras from bands 28 to 48 and cups A to O. Many women are also very surprised to learn that they have been wearing the wrong bra. 85% of all women are in the wrong bra and once in the right one they are amazed at how great they are able to feel.

What are you excited about in the coming year?

We are excited to help as many women as possible feel great about themselves and their bodies. We look forward to providing women with a wonderful and uplifting experience as we help them find the right size bra.

In conjunction with a new initiative, we’re also asking:  We are looking forward to partnering with Florence House and other businesses that support homeless women and women who are in need of support.

Visit them online at: https://www.overthemoonmaine.com/

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