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Main Street Bath loves to shine a spotlight, a double-feature of Bath businesses and non-profits.

This spotlight aims to bring attention to the wide variety of organizations in town from all areas of commerce and non-profit.  Retail, food, hospitality, charity and professional services are among those included. These interview questions and more will serve to further populate the Main Street  Bath website directory as a window to the community.

This Month’s Featured Spotlight:


Dogwill – Mobile location serving the Bath Area Food Bank at 807 Middle St.  Website coming soon!

On Facebook at

When and Why did you begin the enterprise?

I began Dogwill in February 2018 because I saw a need for pet parents. I had an epiphany…dogs need stuff too and some dog parents cannot afford to outfit their pups the way they would if they could. They’re feeding them and loving them with all their hearts. Many of us have loved dogs who have passed or outgrown these things or have new dogs that are either smaller or larger than the dogs we used to have…and may have flea/tick/heartworm meds. I know that I have had collars, beds, sweaters, boots, food, runs, etc. that I have stored away…wouldn’t it be better if it went to dogs who could use it now? Kind of like a Goodwill for Dogs…Dogwill.

What do you offer?

At the Bath Area Food Bank we offer food, treats and toys to food insecure pet parents.

We also have two funds earmarked to help with spaying/neutering needs and veterinary  care.

Why do you love Bath?

Bath is my “home”. I am amazed by how supportive this cool little city is of EVERY non-profit.

What might surprise someone about you or your business? 

We serve ALL household pets: cats, dogs, reptiles, pocket pets, fish, guinea pigs, rabbits, etc

What are you excited about in the coming year?

We are hoping to expand to Midcoast Hunger Prevention in Brunswick once we have the inventory to support another food bank.

We know that you support many local non-profits. How can donors/volunteers support Dogwill?

Donations of lightly used or new items and food are welcome as well as monetary donations to the general fund, or earmarked for veterinary services. If you’re inclined to donate to a 501(c)3 organization, please keep Dogwill on your radar. Donations can be sent to Dogwill at P.O. Box 772, Bath, ME 04530. Please put general fund or vet care in the memo.

Lisa-Marie’s Made in Maine

Lisa-Marie’s Made in Maine
168 – 174 Front Street

When did you begin the enterprise? (and where if not Bath)

Lisa-Marie’s Made in Maine began out of Lisa-Marie’s home in 1990 and in craft fairs throughout the state. We opened our brick and mortar storefront in 2003 on Front Street in Bath, Maine. Since then we have expanded to four storefronts (168 through 174 Front Street), opened a Portland Old Port location and have an online store.


Lisa-Marie opened the Front Street store after many years of participating in and directing local craft shows in Southern Maine. After over a decade her husband suggested opening her own store so that she could support the artisans and craftsmen of Maine year round rather than just occasional weekends throughout the year. Starting with about a dozen artisans in 2003, we now support over 400 small businesses throughout the state of Maine. 

What do you offer?

Made in Maine products! Artwork, Jewelry, Photography, Pottery, Specialty Food Items, Children and Pet Items, Year-Round Christmas, and lots of Maine inspired home decor for inside and outside your home. 

Why do you love Bath?

The midcoast area of Maine is so special to us. We especially love Bath because of the strong sense of community. Lisa-Marie’s husband and father-in-law both went to Morse High School and her daughter, Marie is a third generation Morse alumni. We are proud of our community and strive to give back to it. Bath built is best built!

What might surprise someone about you or your business?

That yes, we are in fact exclusively made in Maine! Despite it being part of our business name, we get many people coming in asking if the item they are purchasing was actually made in Maine. People are also pretty surprised when we tell them that we support over 400 other local businesses.

What are you excited about in the coming year?

Our MeetTheMaker events! We’ve been hosting one of our artists to come in and meet our customers during the Third Friday Art Walks in Bath and it’s wonderful to watch customers meet the person behind the item that they are buying. 

In conjunction with a new initiative, we’re also asking:  What favorite local non-profits do you support?

There are so many to choose from! Last Christmas we had a jar of donations for the Bath Area Food Pantry and Lisa-Marie’s matched all the donations by customers. Giving back to programs in our community that help the people that live here is important to us. 

Past Double Features

Bath Printing Co.

Bath Printing Co. 44 Front Street When did you begin the enterprise? (and where if not Bath) Bath Printing has been in business a long time…and has been producing work for Midcoast Maine customers for over 75 years. We bought the business from...

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Maine’s First Ship

Maine’s First Ship 27 Commercial Street When did you begin the enterprise? (and where if not Bath) Maine’s First Ship began as the Virginia Project in Phippsburg in 1997. Why? To commemorate the 400th anniversary of the Popham colony, founded at the...

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Ebb & Flow Yoga

Ebb & Flow Yoga 149 Front Street 207-389-4868 When did you begin the enterprise? Ebb and Flow opened in May of 2015 Why? Original owner Sara Kendall was pursuing her dream of owning and operating a yoga studio. The new owner, Courtney...

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Middle Street Inn

Middle Street Inn 888 Middle Street 207-619-4556 When did you begin the enterprise? This is a new venture for us.  Our search began in 2015 and we purchased the property in Bath in 2016.  Soon after, we worked with our agent and hired a...

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Over the Moon Boutique – 96 Front Street

When did you begin the enterprise? (and where if not Bath)  Over the Moon just opened in early November of this year. Sierra and I both worked in the shop that was previously in this space. Our shop is similar in its mission to fit women of all sizes and shapes in...

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House of Logan – 66 Front Street

When did you begin the enterprise? (and where if not Bath)  The House of Logan began in Boothbay Harbor in the 1930's. Since then, the Village Store, Camden and Bath locations joined the tradition of offering quality products with personalized customer service. The...

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Darreby Ambler: Wayfinders  - 72 Front Street, 2nd Floor -  Website When did you begin the enterprise? (and where if not Bath) I created the Wayfinders program 10 years ago in my living room as an experiment! I had trained with Barbara Sher in a technique that gathers...

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Patten Free Library

Patten Free Library  - 33 Summer Street     Website When did you begin the enterprise? (and where if not Bath) George and John Patten founded the Patten Library Association in 1847, housing the collections in various rented rooms and at one point a donated house....

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Chocolate Church Arts Center

Chocolate Church Arts Center, 804 Washington Street When and Why did you begin the enterprise? The venerable old Gothic building that houses the Arts Center was saved from urban renewal destruction when artists and entrepreneurs lead by...

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Heart of Bath Health Center

Heart of Bath Health Center, 9 Centre Street. When did you begin the enterprise? (and where if not Bath)  Both Matt and Julie had independent acupuncture businesses in Bath and elsewhere for a decade. In 2009 we decided to create an...

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Judson Pottery Studio

Judson Pottery Studio - 52 Front Street, 3rd Floor- Carolyn Judson, owner/artist - When did you begin the enterprise and why? I set up my studio here in Bath in 1996. I moved here from New York City where I had a studio. Bath was a quieter, less...

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Pitter Patter

Pitter Patter - 94 Front Street - When did you begin the enterprise? In 2007 I purchased the former business Baby Magnolia and opened Pitter Patter. Why? I worked for the previous owner & when the opportunity to purchase it arose, I jumped...

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Markings Gallery

Markings Gallery.  50 Front. Street. website When did you begin the enterprise? (and where if not Bath) Markings was founded in 2010 in its location at 50 Front Street in Bath. Founding artists Nan Kilbourn- Tara and Judith Barker had been practicing /working artists,...

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J’adore Consignment

J'adore Consignment, Becky Welsh, owner. 190 Front Street  J'adore Facebook When did you begin the enterprise? J'adore opened in July of 2014 Why? My daughter and I have always wanted to have our own shop and one day I decided that I was just going to take the leap. I...

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Bath Natural Market

Bath Natural Market.   36 Centre Street.   website When did you begin the enterprise? (and where if not Bath) There has been a health food store at 36 Centre Street for nearly 40 years. I took it over during the summer of 2004. Why? I was looking for a business that I...

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The Coastal Journal

The Coastal Journal, 97 Commercial Street, Raye Leonard, Editor When did you begin the enterprise? The Coastal Journal has been around since 1966. We just celebrated our 50th anniversary last year. I have worked with or directly for the Coastal...

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Country Farm Furniture

Country Farm Furniture, 148 Front Street, Website  (Daniel Coulombe, co-owner) When did you begin the enterprise? (and where if not Bath) Catherine and I have been in the furniture industry for about 35+ years. We took over the Country Farm Furniture Store on May 1,...

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The Library Bookstore

The Library Bookstore, 194 Front Street    Website When did you begin the enterprise? (and where if not Bath) Featured business, The Library Bookstore opened in May 2007 at 194 Front St. in Bath and is open from 10 – 4pm on Mon. – Sat. The Friends of Patten Free...

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Halcyon Yarn

Halcyon Yarn, 12 School Street. When did you begin the enterprise? (and where if not Bath) Halcyon Yarn started in Denver Colorado in 1971, and we moved to our current location in Bath in 1981, and we’re so glad we did. This year marks 45 years in...

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The Inn at Bath

The Inn at Bath, 969 Washington Street. Elizabeth Knowlton – Owner/Innkeeper  When did you begin the enterprise? (and where if not Bath) The Inn at Bath was opened as a B&B in the late 80’s by Nick Bayard. I came to Bath in 2001 and started...

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