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When did you begin the enterprise? (and where if not Bath)

I created the Wayfinders program 10 years ago in my living room as an experiment! I had trained with Barbara Sher in a technique that gathers small teams of people to help each other get hard stuff done. So I asked a few friends to come over and eat brownies and be my guinea pigs. And it worked! I was floored. One started a local food truck to feed the hungry. Another wrote a book she always had in her. A third travelled to India to meet girls who had been rescued from brothels – and went on to establish a non-profit to fight human trafficking. All this from a few neighbors in my tiny town of Bath, Maine, sitting around a table, talking about what they cared most deeply about. And then making a plan. And then cheering each other on as they took small steps to bring it to life. Since then I’ve worked across the country and Maine launching teams, mostly in the Episcopal church. The studio is also home to the “Dream Team” which is a Wayfinders team for Morse students. Teenagers have the most wonderful dreams – one of my Morse teammates started Kindness Day Bath when she was a junior.


Because I suspected that we could each get hard things done if we gave each other support and accountability. Wayfinders have written books, started non-profits, cleaned out their closets, traded indoor jobs for outdoor ones, had gallery showings of their photographs, flown planes, even gotten onstage for the first time at the age of 81. Never underestimate the power of a few kind people on your side. Isolation is the biggest dream killer out there.

What do you offer?

I offer retreats and training for you and a small group of friends. Grab 4 friends, email me, and I’ll show you a sustainable, fun way of helping each other. The retreats are over the weekend in my studio at 72 Front St. The follow up team meetings (people commit to 8 of them) are scheduled at the teammates’ convenience.

Why do you love Bath?

Because it is small enough that everyone is needed, and varied enough to keep life interesting.

What might surprise someone about you or your business?

Being on a team is free. (People kick in a small materials fee to cover the team’s expenses – almost all of it goes to Staples!) Also, I’m up on the second floor of 72 Front St – it’s another world up there.

What favorite local non-profits do you support?

The Patten Free Library

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