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Retailers, there's a special "tip" section in here for you.

And don't forget Saturday is the SPI House Tour.

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Summer Concert Series

The Summer Concert Series officially starts tonight! Check out the schedule here. The paper copies will be distributed very soon. Be sure to encourage your customers to attend these free shows!

Art Walk

Art Walk also begins tonight. If you’re going to be open, that’s fantastic! Run to Reny’s and get some sidewalk chalk or pipe cleaners or something fun to encourage people to be creative on their own. Restaurants, this goes for you too. Maybe put some drawing paper and pencils on the tables. Have fun with it! Here's more information about Art Walk

Retail Business Tips

I attended the Build Maine conference yesterday. The first speaker was Bob Gibbs of Gibbs Planning Group, who has years of national retail experience. He’s one of those guys who has studied human shopping habits and helped manipulate stores accordingly for optimum spending. The topic was Retail in the Internet Age. Here are some things he said and tips he gave, I’m just reporting out.

The first question asked was, “when do people shop?” His answer:

In 2017, 75% of shopping happened on Sundays and after 6:00 pm.

  • Street Trees increase retail sales and pice flexibility by 12-20%
  • Tourists are buying less trinket-y things and more good and services that they need.
  • Having a grocery store in your downtown can increase retail sales by 25%.
  • People are willing to pay more for items when a store is in a historic building
  • Storefronts matter! Make sure your paint is touched up, flower boxes add huge value, clear, not tinted glass and having your door open can mean twice as much foot traffic in your store.
  • Handcrafted store signs are very valuable. Projecting signs too.
Inside the store:
  • 9-10 people (Americans) tend to turn to the right as soon as they walk in the door. Place items accordingly. If possible, have your register to the right as well.
  • Once in the store, people tend to walk around counter clockwise.
  • Put your most profitable items in the middle of the store.
  • Have a table front and center (near register if possible) with great items.
  • The color red makes people want to buy things. Sprinkle red throughout your store.
  • Having things on sale helps, people expect sale items at this point. Have at least 5 items that are still in season.
  • Having and American Flag out helps increase sales.
  • Have a “man chair” in the store, a place for the spouse to sit as the other shops.
  • Awnings are good.
  • Painting the back wall of your store a bright color will draw people back there.
  • The “buy zone” of wall items are from knee hight to eye height. Place items in this zone you want to sell.
The X Factor:
The X Factor is the emotional connection a person feels to a place. Independently owned business, great store front, landscaping, flowers, friendly people… these all add to a places X Factor. People want to feel they are in a unique place. (I think we’ve got loads of X Factor in Bath!)

Lastly, having a brew pub in your downtown is a huge benefit. Check that off the list!

Like I said, I’m just reporting out. Let the information sink in a bit and act on what makes sense for your business.
That's all for now, folks. Summer season is upon us. School ends Monday. Hopefully the winter months of planning we've all done will reap huge benefit to our community.

And remember, Main Street is here to support you in so many ways including making sure the world knows why Bath is so special. But we need your support in return be it volunteer time, suggestions, or financial support. Please try to attend meetings, talk about ideas with your neighbors, share your knowledge of the area with customers. Be involved. It's easy to find yourself stuck in your bubble (believe me, I know!) Expand your bubble. Each and every business matters because when we put it all together we have a lot of offer as a whole.

Have a great weekend. I hope to see you all next Friday at the Business Barometer.

Your Friend,
Mari Eosco
Interim Director, Main Street Bath
Bath Maine
15 Commercial St., Bath, ME 04530 - Tel: 207-442-7291
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