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Hello Bath Business Owners and Leaders,

Happy March to you all! Don't forget to flip your paper calendars today for those of you who still use them (I do!). And make sure the dates of these upcoming events are on whatever kind of calendar you use. And keep opening up these emails. Thanks to my husband, Dan, who culled out a bunch of dead email addresses from the list which should help the open stats!

Save the date: Facebook 2.0. On Wednesday, March 28th, 8am-9am, Tamara Lilly from Burgess Computer is offering a class to help you better utilize your Facebook presence in the social media world. This free learning opportunity is made possible by the Economic Vitality Committee (formerly Economic Restructuring) of Main Street Bath. More information to come!
Senior Discount Day is on Tuesdays! A couple of years ago, Becky Welsh from J'adore Consignment made a concerted effort to get businesses on board for a day for Senior Discounts. Not being a senior, I'd kind of forgotten about it but it came up in the Downtown Tomorrow Group page. Is this something your business is still offering? What do you do to promote this? I thought I'd reach out to some of the Senior Living facilities in the area to remind them of this offering. Please share your thoughts.
March 3rd jpeg
This open forum is happening Saturday. Please talk it up to friends and customers! We will let you know the results at the end of the process.
Merchant March 5 jpg
This Monday morning, this is a focus group for YOU to weigh in on the future of Downtown. Please try to join us at 8am at Halcyon Yarn.
Develop a leader. Don't have time to attend a Main Street meeting but want to have input on events and goings on? If you can, send an employee! This is an opportunity for them to meet new people and hear and participate in how things get done, and you can get a first hand report. Truly, a personal growth experience for anyone. Take a look at what committees there are and the times they meet by clicking here.
Speaking of Leaders, I got this in just before pressing send.

The Morse Interact Club in partnership with the Bath Rotary Clubs is hosting a lunch sale on Friday, March 16th. For $10 a bagged lunch can be purchased and will be delivered within the greater Bath area. The proceeds from the lunch sale will sponsor Morse sophomores to attend one of three leadership programs this June: RYLA, HOBY & MYL. To order a lunch for yourself or your student(s) please complete this on-line form: or speak with an Interact member. FMI call Mrs. Trundy 443-8250 Ext 1119
Enough to get on your fresh, March calednar page for now. Don't forget to get us your Bath Map and Brochure information (you should be receiving this around today), send the city your information for the business directory, and to keep giving out the stickers for Be Bath Buy Bath!

I hope to see you Saturday morning and/or Monday morning.

Your Friend,
Mari Eosco
Interim Director, Main Street Bath
Bath Maine
15 Commercial St., Bath, ME 04530 - Tel: 207-442-7291
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