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Summer Is Still HOT!

Hello out there Bath Businesses Leaders,

Good lord, I hope you've all managed to stay cool this week. It got up to 85 degrees in my office! Oh, how I do love the Fall....

How is this summer going for you all? I'm hearing some good reports which is fantastic. Unlike our year round city, I'm hearing lower numbers in the more traditional "tourist" spots. People are really looking for the authentic downtowns that are used by the community and are they are buying more practical things rather than knick knacks. This is great news for Bath, cuz that's what we've got; we are practical for everyone.

Take a look below. Notes to you are in red. And don't forget to put your special event on the Community Calendar or just take a look at the calendar so you know what's happening.

Get Off the Streets

The city parking guy, Officer Kaake, is doing his job keeping parking spaces downtown open for customers. These spaces are so valuable for people who are there to spend money, be sure you and your employees aren't parking in these spaces! There are plenty of 4 hour parking spaces available and they are marked in the Bath Brochure. I encourage you to use these spaces, or to get your name on the list for a parking permit. More information will come out about this but for now, open a brochure or take a look at the pdf online. 4 hour parking is marked in GREEN.

Mad Hatter's Ball

THIS Saturday, August 11th at Library Park
Businesses, I'd love to see each and everyone of you Saturday night! This event is a fundraiser for MSB so that we can continue to make Downtown Bath the best it can be, including getting people into YOUR businesses! And it's going to be super fun.

Step through the rabbit hole into a wonderland of fun! Tickets are still available either on-line or at the door, or rabbit hole. Pat Colwell and the Soul sensations will get us dancing and are preparing a few songs special for the evening. The weather even looks like it will be fantastic!

You Can purchase tickets at J'adore Consignment, Over the Moon, Now You're Cooking, The Bath Information Center or online!
Summer gala

Summer Concert Series

Please let your customers know about these free concerts! If you need more of the Summer Music flyers, just let us know, there are a few more weeks to go!

And the music continues! Don’t miss out on the 3-4 free concerts each week (depending on weather) Here is the music schedule.

This Friday is a special performance of the Volunteers Jazz Band. Check them out here and live on Friday night at 7:00 at the Gazebo.
bath maine concerts

Art Walk

What are YOU doing for Art Walk? Perhaps staying open a bit later? If not, be sure to take a lap through the artist locations and see what is happening outside of walls of your business. All of these things, your business, the artists, music, nonprofits in town the people on the streets combined, are what help to make this community so special. Get out and enjoy it!

The August Art Walk is happening on Friday the 17th. Giff Jamison will play live music by City Hall. Plan for a nice dinner downtown and to see the amazing art created by local artists. Be there or be square.
Art Walk Info

Kindness Day

Here is a note to you from the organizers of Kindness Day:
Businesses, please know that we appreciate any way you want to participate at all, including sitting it out and just enjoying the spirit of the day. If you are inspired: it isn’t necessary to spend a penny. One of the most beloved stations is at Over the Moon where they give out sincere compliments to people who come through the door that morning! Some merchants post a quote about Kindness in the window, some do small giveaways, and some people wake up on Kindness Day and come up with a spontaneous idea. It is all good, and all appreciated.
We feel so much gratitude to every merchant and their employees for making Bath such a fantastic place to live the other 364 days as well,
Darreby Ambler and Jennifer McDorr

Saturday, August 18th is the 5th Annual Kindness Day in Bath. There will be kindness oozing from the brick sidewalks of our loved city. Come have your optimism in the world be refreshed by checking out the different kindness stations both on the sidewalk and in businesses, or better yet, create some kindness of your own!

FMI go to the Kindness Day Bath Facebook page.

Lastly, yes, we are already beginning to plan for the Christmas season. In September you'll be receiving information with the schedule of events so you can think ahead as well as how you can participate. Stay tuned!

Stay cool, literally and figuratively.

Your Friend,
Mari Eosco
Interim Director, Main Street Bath
"Partnering to Preserve and Promote Downtown Bath"

Calendar of Events

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