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December 10th, 2018
Bath Maine
KDB winter gazebo
Photo by kdb dominguez

Merry Christmas!

Here we are with 3 days until Christmas! Woosh, that was a fast month. Have you gotten all of your shopping done? That's what today is for in my book! Downtown Bath, here I come!

Because of the weather forecast, please be sure to check social media for any changes with trolley caroling Friday and Saturday.

Take a look at the Community Calendar to see what's coming up this week. There are a number of different ways to celebrate the new year. Be sure to come downtown in front of Hallet's Clock on January 30th at 11:45am for The Paul Revere Bell Ringing (yes! the bell on top of City Hall was cast by Paul Revere!). This is a very sweet event. We will sing a few songs re-written to celebrate Bath, the Citizen of the Year, Jamie Dorr, will ring the bell and then we will go have some cookies and punch at City Hall. There's nothing like community coming together to sing in my mind!

And please, if you have had time to give a donation to Main Street Bath, take a moment now, there is a button below. Main Street does so much to keep the heart of our city, the downtown, strong and healthy. Show that you love your downtown by supporting Main Street Bath. Thank you.

I sincerely hope you all have a very merry time with your friends and families this weekend.

Your Friend,


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