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What you need to Know!

Hello Bath Leaders,

Woosh! And now February is almost over. I keep saying it, this is the time for us Mainers to get our work done preparing for the warmer weather, and work there is! All good stuff.

There is a ton of information in this email so get ready, it's all stuff you need to know. Remember, I've got my challenge of increasing how many of you are opening this email. Pretty good last time, 40%, but that's 60% who aren't getting this info. Tell your business friends to read this and if they are not signed up to sign up. This is the most efficient way of getting information out so you all know what is going on.

That said above, I have been walking around this week giving out information to businesses. I ran out of flyers yesterday and need to make more and make more time to finish getting around. In case I haven't gotten to you, there are two things I've been passing around:

March 3rd is the Downtown Tomorrow community meeting for the visioning of the future of our downtown. Please talk to customers and friends about attending. There is also a Facebook group for online discussion. Join the group or take a look at what people are saying.

March 3rd jpeg
Ok, so tha is the community meeting and everyone is welcome. But we have meeting for you too. It's a focus group of business on Monday, March 5th at 8am over at Halcyon Yarn. This will be a facilitated meeting. Please do try to attend.
Merchant March 5 jpg
It's that time of year again to get your business into the Bath Map and Brochure and before 40,000 sets of eyes. This brochure is very widely used by visitors, newcomers to Bath and locals and it a snapshot of the vitality of our city. Letters will be sent out very soon, we are stuffing envelopes today. Please get your business or nonprofit in there so people can see what amazing things Bath has to offer. If you don't get a letter by the end of next week and want to be listed, just contact the office and we will get you one. Deadline is March 16th so we can get the brochure ready before Memorial Day Weekend.
Screen Shot 2018-02-20 at 4.10.52 AM
Another way to get let people know where you are:
The City of Bath and Main Street Bath are working together to update the two business directory signs at the Waterfront Park and in front of City Hall. These signs are updated biennially (every two years.

The deadline to register is March 23. Registration forms are available at (The info is in the scroll on photos on the homepage)
Business Directory
And next: A message from our amazing volunteer, Tamara Lilly, who does the monthly Business Double Feature.

Would you like your organization to be featured on the Main Street Bath website and FB pages as part of MSB's Featured Business program. Every few weeks, two businesses are spotlighted with a short Q&A, posted to the MSB website and shared on the Facebook page. There are then two subsequent posts featuring staff, products or services. All Bath businesses are welcome! To see previous participants, visit to signed up to be featured, email Tamara at
The workshop put on last week in Bath by the Maine Downtown Center, Window and Storefronts Designed to Captivate and Sell, was pretty great. 60 people from around the state attended. The business owners that were there from Bath that I've talked to said it was well worth their time. If you'd like to know some of the highlights, let me know and I'll put you in touch with another business owner or try to create bulleted list. MDC filmed the event and is editing it and will share it with the Main Street communities. When it's ready, I'll post it.

Mayfair. Last year volunteers tried something new for Mayfair. A Makers Fair. Click here for the flyer from last year. Is this something you'd like to participate in? We're trying to get a feel for who might like to get involved. Please let me know if you're interested.
I hope Be Bath Buy Bath is going well for you all. Customers are LOVING it! The first week we had 40 cards turned in and this week we had 80! Hooray for people shopping locally! If you are not taking part in this promotion, there's still time, just contact the office.
BBBB card 2018 pic
That's all for now folks. Do try to attend the meetings on May 3rd and/or 5th. And please know that volunteers and staff are working very hard behind the scenes to make our downtown the best place it can be for businesses and community members alike. You might not see it, but trust me, there is A LOT of work going on.

Your Friend and exhausted Interim Director,
Mari Eosco
Main Street Bath
Bath Maine
15 Commercial St., Bath, ME 04530 - Tel: 207-442-7291
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