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Hello Again, Bath Business Leaders,

Happy April to you all! No Fooling.

I started this email days ago. I'm sure there is more information to get out to you but it will have to wait so I can actually press send.

Thank you for taking the time to read this information. Please spread the word to your employees, co-workers or anyone whom you think is interested!

Let People Know Where you Are!

Two deadlines that have been extended for you:
1. The Bath Brochure. If you haven't gotten your information in yet, get it into the MSB office! Give us a call FMI. 442-7291.

Please note, neither the brochure or the directory are just for downtown businesses! They offer a snapshot of what Bath has to offer, so make sure people know what you have to offer!

2. The Bath Directories. There are 2 kiosks that have Bath Business information on them. One at City Hall, one at Waterfront Park. It's only $15 to be on both and they are only changed out every 2 years. I see people looking at these all the time. Even if you're not right downtown, especially if you're not right downtown, get your business on there so visitors know where you are! These directories are managed by The City of Bath, so you make your payment to them. Click here for FMI and for the form. Deadline is extended to April 6th.
As you (hopefully) know, as of April 22nd, Earth Day, the prohibition of single use plastic bags and polystyrene will go into effect in Bath. Check here or more detailed information.

Bring Your Own Bag

As you (hopefully) know, as of April 22nd, Earth Day, the prohibition of single use plastic bags and polystyrene will go into effect in Bath. Check here or more detailed information. The City will be kicking-off the reusable bag effort by supplying 3,500 bags into the community. Would your business like to have a stack of these bags to give to your customers? Contact Public Works Director, Lee Leiner, to get a stack of bags.
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Art Walk for 2018

After much consideration and discussion on all levels of volunteer committees, our Main Street Bath Board has decided not to hold the Art Walk in its traditional format for the 2018 season. This decision was based on the decreased number of both participating artists and sponsors, combined with reports of low visitor turnout during the monthly event over the last few years.

The good news about this decision is that it leaves room for new opportunities! Recognizing the importance of the arts in The City of Bath, the Chair of our Main Street Bath Economic Vitality Committee, Sally Johnstone, has volunteered to spearhead a new, full-day celebration, summer event that will harness the existing day time audience in the downtown community. Sally has a background in events coordination, and our hope is to build a celebration of art event that is well advertised and supported by the entire downtown business community. For this event is to become a reality, we need YOU to be part of the planning and execution.

Please attend a meeting on Thursday, April 5th at 5:30 at Bath City Hall to share your ideas about celebrating the Arts in Bath. We want programming decisions and outcomes to bring you the most value. Please note: there is a group that is considering putting in the effort of having the art walk this year. If potential participants are present, this will also be discussed.

Thank you for what you do to bring our community to life through supporting art. We look forward to working with you all to let the world know how important the arts are in our city.

Be Bath Buy Bath

Be Bath Buy Bath is in its final stages for 2018. We've seen 100's of cards come in over these weeks. I had a woman mail hers into City Hall from another state because she did not want to miss the opportunity of winning a Gift of Bath certificate! The final drawing will be on April 16th so you can stop signing cards on the 15th. I have no doubt Camille will send out more detailed information to participating businesses, she's pretty awesome that way. Thank you all for taking part, we hope this was a promotion that worked for you and your customers. Feed back is welcome!

Bath Heritage Days 2018

Bath Heritage Days planning is well under way. Johnny Lomba is the coordinator for this years event. Johnny is a Morse graduate and is thrilled to be back in his home town. He is also opening a restaurant in the former Solo Bistro space, due to open in the next couple of weeks. Needless to say, Johnny is very busy! Heritage Days will have the traditional events plus a few new pieces for 2018. Stay tuned.... And I'm loving the new logo!

Questions for HD can be sent to
That's all for now, folks. Please do take the time to email or call with questions or concerns.

Interim Director
Main Street Bath
Bath Maine
15 Commercial St., Bath, ME 04530 - Tel: 207-442-7291
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