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Hello My Fine, Feathered Friends,

I'm not sure where that saying comes from but I find myself enjoying saying it from time to time.

I just wanted to touch base on a couple of things to keep you all posted.

Mayfair is coming right up!!

Next weekend is Mayfair. People will be having yard sales all over Bath. Nonprofits will be having yard sales in Library Park (in the freight shed in case of rain.) Children's activities will be down at Elm Street Plaza (corner of Elm and Front). Free trolley rides, a rain gutter regatta and the Farmers Market will move to Waterfront Park for the season.

What are YOU doing?! Are you having a sidewalk sale? Offering something spring-y? Let me know so I can help spread the word. We'll get them to Bath, you get them into your stores.

A huge thank you to MW Sewall for sponsoring Mayfair again this year!
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Business Barometer Update

We had a good meeting Wednesday morning. Thank you to those of you who could make it on such short notice. We talked about Mayfair, an update on Heritage Days as well as Art Walk which is in back in full swing! We also discussed the cruise ships coming in this summer, which there is only a tentative schedule for at this point. I am going to a conference on Monday put on by Cruise Maine that will talk more about cruises coming to the state and what we can do as businesses a community to maximize our visitors stay in Bath. Stay tuned!
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Get Listed in the State

One thing I shared at the Business Barometer the other day is how marketing for tourism funnels down in the state. The Maine Office of Tourism gets people to the state which they have broken down into 8 regions. We are part of the Maine's Midcoast and Islands region which is set up to help attract people to this area. From there, organizations such as Main Street Bath helps to draw people into the city and you work to get people into your stores.

I was checking our the Maine's Midcoast and Islands website and have made some suggestions for changes for Bath, but also noted that not many of our businesses are listed on there, which I inquired about how to make that happen. If you are a tourism related businesses (this can be retail, fishing, restaurants...) and want to get listed, email me and I will send you the directions I was given (you can probably figure it out on your own as well). It actually lists you on the Maine Office Tourism site and connects with midcoast site. It's free to list and worth the few minutes it will take you.
That is all for now. Short and sweet. Thank you for taking the time to keep yourself informed. Gold stars for you all!

And remember, if you have a special event coming up, get it on the community calendar and let us help spread the word! I'll share as much as I can of Facebook and I'm now dappling with Instagram where the younger crowd spend their time. We will be having a workshop on Instagram coming up!

Your Friend,
Mari Eosco
Interim Director, Main Street Bath
Bath Maine
15 Commercial St., Bath, ME 04530 - Tel: 207-442-7291
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