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Hi There!

Lots to tell you and remind you about. Be sure to read through this email so you are up to date on all that is happening. And fill in your business neighbors in and tell them to sign up for the email just in case. Using email is the most efficient way for us to get information out to you with so much activity in the office. I'd love the time to go door to door every week but, unfortunately, time just does not allow for that at this point.

Fingers crossed we are truly starting spring!

The deadline for the Bath Brochure has come and gone. Thank you to all who got your information in! We want all of you in this. It is a snapshot of the health of our community and all we have to offer for 40,000+ sets of eyes (pretty cheap advertising, actually). We are, interestingly, getting more requests for the brochure from businesses in the area who want to know what Bath offers. Make sure people know you exist! We will take late comers. Get your info in soon! Need the paperwork for this? Just let us know. 442-7291
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You haven't missed the deadline yet to get your information on the City Business Directories! By March 23rd at noon, get into City Hall. This is even cheaper advertising! And it lasts for 2 years. Get on it! Here is the complete info you need.
Business Directory
Like it or not, Facebook is one of the best ways to get your business in front of a lot of customers. Tamara from Burgess Technology Services is offering a FREE class next Wednesday the 28th at 8:00am to help us better utilize this resource. Get yourself signed up!
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Staring April 22nd, Earth Day, Bath will implement Bring Your Own Bag. Businesses will no longer be able to offer plastic bags or polystyrene. Signs to have at your registers will be available to remind customers. Click here for more information or give Public Works Director, Lee Leiner, a call with questions.
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Banners over Bath is happening again this year! People from our community will paint banners to hang on the lampposts to brighten up the downtown as we move from spring into our colorful summer. Would you like to sponsor an artist for $20? Please let me know and we will hook you up!
banner over bath
Lastly, a HUGE thank you to our sponsors of Front Street Feud! Wilson's Drug Store, First Federal Savings, Maine Hosting Solutions, Bath Savings Institution, Halcyon Yarn, David King, Attorney at Law, .... And another HUGE thank you to those who donated to the auction as well as the volunteers who made this fundraiser for Main Street Bath happen. And of course the fabulous contestants! It takes everyone to make our village thrive!
FSF 2018
That's all for now, Folks. Git back to work!

Your Friend,
Mari Eosco
Interim Director, Main Street Bath
Bath Maine
15 Commercial St., Bath, ME 04530 - Tel: 207-442-7291
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