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Get Your Calendars Out!

Greetings Bath Business Owners and Leaders,

I've got a bunch of info for you so please take a moment to read through this email so you are in the know.

If you are a downtown business with fewer than 20 people (most of you qualify), we've been asked by the Maine Downtown Center to have you fill out this survey. A Maine business will be selected for a national case study and a pod cast. I know it's short notice but please try to fill out by the end of today (Friday).

Mark your calendars for the next Business Roundtable meeting happening on February 1st at 12:00 pm in City Hall auditorium. This is an opportunity to sit with and share how things are going for your business and hear feedback from others. This collaborative conversation is very useful for taking a pulse on what is happening around the city. More information will be coming out about this but, I'll say it again, mark your calendar now.

Be Bath Buy Bath, an incentive program started last year to reward people shopping locally, will be starting up again in the next couple of weeks. To refresh your memories, you will have cards in your businesses and each time someone makes a purchase, you stamp the card. When they fill out the card they can enter it into a drawing for $75 worth of Gift of Bath Certificates. More information will be coming to you about this but if you know you will be participating, please just reply to this email indicating so and I will get you marked down now.

3rd Friday Art Walks are in the planning stages. We have a wonderful volunteer, Amy, who is putting this all together and many others who have great suggestions for new things to be added. Amy has her hands full. If you are reading this and would like to see the Art Walk try new things, please step up and offer your talents to help out. And I will send out my plea that on the nights of the Art Walks, all the businesses stay open later. While I'm at it, I am hearing over and over and over again from local people how they'd love to see businesses stay open later in general and on Sundays. Perhaps we can make a push for this as the weather gets warmer. Just planting the seed :)

The Maine Downtown Center is having a Design workshop looking at window display design in Bath on Thursday, February 15th on the 3rd floor of Bath Savings. If you can make it to this, fantastic! Otherwise, others will be there, including me, and we will share what I learn with you all. As I get more information on this, I'll get you more details.

Monday, February 5th, Welcome to Bath Night returns! We've brought back a night started many years ago to welcome new residents to the Bath area. If you are chatting with a customer/client who has recently moved here (they can decide what "recent" is), please tell them to join us in Longreach Hall at the MMM (thank you MMM for sharing your space for this event!)

Main Street Bath has started a Strategic Planning process. We are looking at the future of the downtown and will be getting input from various places. You may well be asked for an interview. On March 3rd from 9:30am-12:30 at Winter Street, there will be an open community meeting to hear from the public about their collective vision of the future of Downtown Bath. Please attend this if you can and let your customers know about it. The results of the plan will be shared down the road.

Next Thursday the 25th, Main Street Bath is holding a volunteer orientation in City Hall auditorium at 8am. If you want an overview of why Main Street exists and how things happen, please try to attend. I will tell you briefly here in case you cannot make it. Main Street Bath is part of a national program designed to keep traditional downtowns vibrant. It is designed as a VOLUNTEER organization and is generally made up of 1/3 business owners, 1/3 city and 1/3 residents, all working to keep the heart of our community healthy. That's right, people are volunteering their own time in various ways to support our downtown which includes your business. While there is office staff, the staffs job is really to support the volunteers. I am emphasizing this because I see that, over the years, more and more has been put onto the staff which is not sustainable or a broad based support as this organization was designed. I also observe that the businesses who have the most to say tend to be the ones who are not involved. Around here, decisions are made by those who show up. While I will listen to your feedback when I see you, if you really want to see something happen differently, you've got to come to the table in some way shape or form. Believe me, I know you are busy, we all are. Please don't expect anyone to read your mind or expect to be spoon fed information. YOU'VE got to make an effort too. We've got a great team working to support our downtown but the bigger the team, the stronger we are. Ok, I'll step off my pulpit for now :)

That was a lot of information to crank out at 4am. Yes, I get up this early to have enough hours in the day to get everything done! You might want to read this twice, the second time with calendar in hand.

Have a great weekend.


Interim Director, Main Street Bath

Bath Maine
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