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Bright Night Bath is THIS Friday!

Bright Night Bath (formerly known as the Merchant Open House) is happening this Friday. Stores will stay open until 8:00, carolers will be caroling, the trolley will be trolleying and everyone will be happy and bright! And hopefully wearing Santa hats.

  • WGME will be here doing a live feed from Downtown! They will have a stationary area up by the clock but will also have some cameras roaming around.
  • Luminaries will be placed in front of businesses Friday afternoon by the Cub Scouts. (If anyone remembers where they have gone specifically in the past, please let me know, we are winging it!) PLEASE, IF YOU HAVE A LUMINARY IN FRONT OF YOUR STORE, LIGHT IT AT 5:00. Be sure to be ready with something to light with. In fact, check right now and put it on your to do list if you're not ready!
  • The Official Judges for the Window Decorating Contest will be strolling around looking for Judges Choice which will be announced Monday the 18th at Sing! It's Christmas. Thank you to our Judges: Amy Lent from MMM, Jennifer DeChant from Chocolate Church and Carrie Kinney from KELT.
  • FYI, The Bath Elementary PTA is sponsoring a kids night out on Friday so that parents can come downtown for some shopping and dining. Perfect!
Other stuff.
Thank you to the stores that are staying open a little later on Friday and Saturday nights while the trolley is running. I'm getting a list out to people riding the trolley of which businesses are ALIVE AFTER 5 as well as putting it on social media. Saturday was a bit of a bust with the storm but don't give up! Be sure to tell your customers throughout the week that you'll be open later on weekends and to spread the word! Make a sign for your counter. Share on social media. And if you're not on a list but would like to be, just let me know.

Lastly. Be sure to go and like all the Bath Businesses you can find on Facebook. And when you see a good post for them remember: "It's good to like, but it's better to share." Let's get all of Bath businesses sharing each others information. We are all in this together and we're stronger when we work as a team.

I'll probably think of 3 more things to tell you once I send this...

I hope you're all having a great Christmas season!

Your Friend,

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December 10th, 2018

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